About Us

Welcome to Safetybright.com and thanks for visiting us! We are a one-stop shop dedicated to providing you unique and top quality safety products no matter what your safety needs. Based on years of experience, we have assembled a collection of safety items that are useful, “must haves” for every family, home, business, client, customer and employee specializing in household and commercial items alike.

Tom & Janis Pendleton, owners of SafetyBright live in a Wisconsin town where his children and grandchildren live down the street and neighborhood families walk and ride their bikes after dinner. Worried that increasing traffic in the area could affect the children, Tom founded SafetyBright to find safety clothing his grandchildren could wear while playing outside. The company has expanded & now SafetyBright.com specialize in Car safety, Life safety, Corporate safety & general items.

We understand that safety products might not be your first priority…or even on top of your shopping list. So that’s why we are here, to make life easier and SAFER for you, specializing in “Peace of Mind”.