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  • SafetyPuck
    SafetyPuck is a 9-in-1 highly visible LED, we call the SafetyPuck. The SafetyPuck is a fantastic & versatile safety product that should travel with everyone who drives. This little ..
  • LED SafetyVest
    The SafetyBright LED Safety Vest features bright & constant pulsating lights ensuring you stay seen whatever the conditions. The vest features an expandable elastic & Velcro waist band whic..
  • Rechargeable SafetyPuck
    This is the re-chargeable version of our very popular SafetyPuck! Supplied with an in car charger this can be used & charged anywhere. SafetyPuck is a 9-in-1 highly visible LED, we call the S..
  • Right Angle Mini Flashlight
    The Mini Flashlight is tough & has many uses due to it being right-angled & magnetic! It has a very bright LED light & features: Shock proof Super Hard Anodized Finished ..
  • Telescopic Safety Flashlight
    The Telescopic Safety Flashlight is one of our new brilliant items. This can be used as both a super bright flashlight but also as a bright safety lantern. Take a look at the image above to see just h..
  • SafetyHammer
    In the worst of emergencies this brilliant item could save your life. The SafetyHammer features a seatbelt cutter, glass breaker & steel hammer allowing you to cut your belt & bre..