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  • SafetyPuck
    SafetyPuck is a 9-in-1 highly visible LED, we call the SafetyPuck. The SafetyPuck is a fantastic & versatile safety product that should travel with everyone who drives. This little ..
  • LED SafetyVest
    The SafetyBright LED Safety Vest features bright & constant pulsating lights ensuring you stay seen whatever the conditions. The vest features an expandable elastic & Velcro waist band whic..
  • Safety Running Vest
    The Safety Running Vest is a multi-purpose LED mesh vest that is visible from 1200ft away! This makes the breathable, lightweight vest absolutely perfect for running, biking, training &am..
  • Child Safety Vest
    The Child Safety Vest makes your child stand out on the road near traffic, play areas & bad weather conditions. The vest is reflective & for a small investment gives you true peace of mind. Th..
  • Halloween Safety Kit
    The Halloween Safety Kit will keep your Halloween Safe and BRIGHT! With daylight getting shorter around Halloween ensure your children stay visible while they go trick or treating. The bright vest and..
  • Telescopic Safety Flashlight
    The Telescopic Safety Flashlight is one of our new brilliant items. This can be used as both a super bright flashlight but also as a bright safety lantern. Take a look at the image above to see just h..
  • SlapWraps
    SlapWraps are a highly visible & convenient safety solution that are easy to carry around & always ready to use. SlapsWraps take just seconds to put on your arm, wrist, ankle or..