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4-in-1 Safety Stick


The 4-in-1 Car Emergency Tool and Flashlight is a safety product that is a must for every driver. In the worst of all emergencies this one item could save your life. Do you ever wonder if you would be able to free yourself quickly from your seatbelt if the buckle fails to release? Among other uses, this Safety Stick will cut through your belt and free you quickly. Scroll down to see video.

Safety Stick features:

  • Strong magnet on the bottom that attaches to any metal surface
  • 9 flashing LED’s on the sides
  • 1 white bulb on the top use as flashlight
  • Seat belt cutter
  • Glass break hammer
  • Water proof
  • Two AA batteries included

The 4-in-1 Safety Stick is a great premium product that can be logo imprinted.

$ 19.95 for 1-4
$17.96 each5+

SKU: CA-140